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Orta Theme Ported to GTK 3; Here’s How to Install It

Orta was one of the most popular GTK2 themes created for GNOME-based desktop. But when Ubuntu upgraded to Gnome 3 (and respectively GTK 3) in 11.10 users were no longer able to use GTK 2 […]

5 February 2012

Unity panel button replacements for Elementary and Orta

The ability to easily customise your desktop is, arguably, one of the boons of using Linux. Unity is no exception. The following hack allows you to fully integrate some of the more popular 3rd party themes into the Unity desktop.

3 May 2011
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Orta GTK+ theme now has a PPA

Fans of the gorgeous Orta GTK+ theme take note: it now has a PPA, which will make staying up-to-date with all of the latest fixes and improvements a breeze.

10 December 2010
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Orta theme updates with new tab styles, global menu support & more

The popular Orta GTK+ theme has been updated with new tab styles, formal global menu support, improved Metacity buttons and other miscellaneous changes.

6 December 2010
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‘Orta’ theme guide – Firefox, Docky, AWN, Chrome

'Orta' is the 'theme' of the moment; a light, milky white theme that has been carefully designed to make every part of your desktop feel 'just right'.

22 November 2010