Natty’s default application line-up will see not a major divergence from that included in Maverick.

Notable changes/items staying the same: –

  • Shotwell, Evolution, PiTiVi and Totem all remain their respective defaults

Thunderbird is helf in high esteem and it’s hoped that it will be a viable default candidate for Ubuntu 11.10.

  • Banshee will be the default media player
  • Firefox 4 will be the default browser (bar any delays)
  • Default games staying the same
  • OneConf enhancements planned
  • OpenOffice will, tentatively, be replaced by LibreOffice
  • Nautilus-Elementary was mooted (!) for inclusion however the quality of patches wasn’t deemed good enough. An onus will be placed on getting patches from NE upstream to stock Nautilus.
  • Remote desktop tool ‘tsclient’ is likely to be dropped, replaced with vinagre but some further discussion on this is needed

And the biggest shock of the day (not) is that GNOME-Dictionary has been dropped.


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