Everything John Connor fought against in the future is coming to pass.

Well, not quite but as Zeitgeist continues to progress with so many insanely cool contextual meta associations one can’t help but fear that it will eventually sprout an AI, build a liquid-metal exo-skeleton and flex it’s finger pressing the nuclear self-destruct button – all whilst being able to tell what it was reading, listening to and plotting as it did so!

Zeitgeist + Tomboy

The video below sees Seif Lotfy (of Zeitgeist, Sezen, OMG! fame) show off a Zeitgeist-powered Tomboy plug-in he’s been working on .What does it do? Simply put it shows you everything you were doing whilst writing a note – from what you were listening to what you were looking at.

Zeitgeist goes on a date with Tomboy

Terminator effusiveness aside, this small plug-in is pretty neat. The actual usefulness of this specific implementation maybe niche but it testifies clearly to the powerful and translatable flexibility that Zeitgeist totes.

Dying to try it out for yourself? Seif’s got instructions and further info over on his blog.
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