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Ubuntu One Turning Off Tomboy Note Sync Late February

Tomboy note syncing through Ubuntu One will stop working at the end of February's, Ubuntu One have announced.

4 February 2013
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GNote – The Lightweight Tomboy Alternative

The writing is, seemingly, on the wall for note-taking application Tomboy with plans to be drop it from the default install of Ubuntu 12.04. The application will remain readily available in the Ubuntu Software Centre, where it will sit alongside competing note-taking applications. Amongst them is lightweight Tomboy 'GNote' - but is it really a match for the king of Linux note-taking apps?

24 November 2011
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Unity Tomboy Lens Makes Searching, Opening Your Notes Easy in Ubuntu

Tomboy is Ubuntu's default note-taking application - and a pretty good one at that. Developer Rémi Rérolle thinks so too, and wrote in to share word of his 'Tomboy' Lens for Ubuntu.

9 November 2011
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Banshee, Tomboy And Mono Dropped from Ubuntu 12.04 CD

Banshee will be replaced by Rhythmbox for Ubuntu 12.04. The news was confirmed during the wrap-up session of the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

4 November 2011
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‘Paste Bin It’ Plugin For Tomboy Notes App Makes Sharing Text Snippets Simpler

You need to share some lengthy terminal output, a bizarre conversation or other block of text or others to see. E-Mail is too much effort, creating, saving and sending a file attachment is over-kill but pasting it the chat room or IM window is just going flood it. What to do? PasteBinIt from Tomboy Notes!

23 June 2011
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Tomdroid on your Android phone syncs Tomboy notes through Ubuntu One

If you're one of the many people who use Tomboy notes to keep your life organized and under control, and you also have an Android phone to boot, you may enjoy Tomdroid - a free app available in the Android Market which syncs and displays your notes on your phone using Ubuntu One or Tomboy's Web Sync service.

26 November 2010
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Zeitgeist continues to morph into skynet…

Everything John Connor fought against in the future is coming to pass.

23 August 2010
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Humanity Style Icons: Banshee, Tomboy & GNOME Do

Continuing our series on replacement icons for applications that don’t blend nicely with the Karmic default theme ‘humanity’ we find two new icons one for music player Banshee and the other for note-taking supremo Tomboy. […]

9 November 2009