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Use Bootchart to find out how long Ubuntu takes to start on your computer

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Stat hounds looking to find out exactly how long Ubuntu takes to start-up should lay down their stopwatches and start using Bootchart.

Bootchart will not only provide you an exact time (in seconds) of how long it takes you to boot up but also provide you with a graphical representation of the processes that run during the boot process including CPU & HDD usage.

Why would you want to do this aside from sheer curiosity/competitiveness? The data Bootchart provides could prove useful for determining the cause of any slow-downs during boot, helping you fine-tune your boot and even for future comparative purposes.

Bootcharting made easy

Installing and using Bootchart is pretty straightforward. Either search for ‘bootchart’ in the Ubuntu Software Centre or click the one-click install button below: –


Using bootchart requires no effort on your part at all -  just reboot! Boothart will do its’ thing during boot an place a .png file with all the accumulated stats in /var/log/bootchart.

Disable Bootchart
Unless disabled Bootchart will run on every boot. For most of you out there this is likely excessive and unwarranted.  This is most easily achieved by uninstalling Bootchart: –

  • sudo apt-get purge bootchart

Further information

For more information on Bootcharting, and to view bootcharts from every iteration of Ubuntu, visit the bootcharting wiki page @

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