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Use Bootchart to find out how long Ubuntu takes to start on your computer

Stat hounds looking to find out exactly how long Ubuntu takes to start-up should lay down their stopwatches and start using Bootchart. Bootchart will not only provide you an exact time (in seconds) of how […]

17 June 2010
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Boot race video: Ubuntu 10.04 Vs Windows 7

sentvid passed me a linkto his admittedly “not very Scientific but end user perspective” boot race video that sees him pit clean installs of Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7 against one another. It’s frivolous stuff […]

9 May 2010
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Get Dramatically Faster Boot Times In Karmic With Ubuntu-Boot PPA

Karmic has made good progress on the road to the much-vaunted “10 second boot” aim in mind for 10.04. But you can get it even faster if you’re prepared to take the risk! Reader ‘Ellipsis’ […]

31 October 2009