As the name suggest MySpace Music Downloader is a tool for downloading music from MySpace. (Providing you have the permission of the work and copyright holder in questions.)

If you’ve ever wanted to download a track from MySpace chances are you’ve either used an online ‘grabber’ site or recorded it via your soundcard. Both methods word but aren’t as easy as MMD is.

We featured the application some months back but it seems ripe to mention it again as, well, it still works and is a pretty nifty app to be aware of if only peripherally.To use MMD you just need to enter the profile ID of the band/artists MySpace page (the bit after and click ‘Load Tracks’. The list will populate with available tracks. You deselect those you don’t want to nab, hit download and the tracks are downloaded in an acceptable quality to your hard drive.

You can enter more than one band/artists ID providing you leave a space between them.

Download and install

Download the .deb from here.

All dependencies will be automatically installed however once you have installed the .deb you MUST run the following command in the terminal once: –

  • sudo dlmsm -rtmpdump

Done? That’s that. It didn’t hurt and now you can run the app from the Applications > Internet sub-menu

MySpace Music Downloader is the work of TimehAndGod on the UbuntuForums so be sure to stop by this thread and say thanks if you appreciate his work.

Thanks to Arturo for the poke about re-mentioning it

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