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Ubuntu Add New Message Indicator Icons

The Ubuntu 12.10 icon theme has been updated with new status items for use in the Messaging Menu. A total of 24 new messaging indicator icons were added - 12 for use with the default 'mono-dark' icon set, and 12 for use with the 'mono-light' version.

30 August 2012
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How to Add and control Skype via the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

A day or two back we ran a nifty how-to feature on controlling Skype from your instant messaging application in Ubuntu 11.04. This approach integrated your Skype contacts into your Empathy or Pidgin buddy list, but also told you how to 'hide' the lurid green icon from the system tray. Whilst many of you found this a neat tip a number of you weren't so keen to give up easy access to Skype itself and sought something a little less final - such as adding Skype to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu.

20 April 2011
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Thunderbird Messaging Menu integration ready for testing

Work on integration between Mozilla's e-mail client Thunderbird and the Ubuntu Messaging Menu is made available for public testing.

23 February 2011
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Googsystray 1.3.0 released with tasks support, fixes

Googsystray, the tray-residing Google services notification app, has improved Calendar support, added Google tasks notifications and splatted a few bugs, too.

14 December 2010
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Remove unused entries from the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

You're not a Gwibber fan, Evolution is not your bag and you - this one writes itself folks - have no empathy for Empathy messenger. Here's how to remove these and any other unwanted Messaging Menu entries without destroying half your install.

1 December 2010
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How to add more apps to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Mario Tomljenović sent us a tip on how to add custom entries to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu. Whilst this method doesn't provide notification support for any added application - which is sort of the point of the Messaging Menu - it's nevertheless an easy way to add an accessible launcher.

14 October 2010
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Easily Integrate Thunderbird into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Thunderbird users seeking out native notifications and interactive integration with their Ubuntu desktop need look no further than this neat add-on.

26 September 2010

Popper – Feature-filled e-Mail notification applet for Ubuntu

Fed up with service-specific e-mail notification applets/tools for Ubuntu? So is Popper.

23 September 2010
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Messaging Menu support for Thunderbird is coming

The Narwhal may have only just gotten a name but it’s already going to please users of Mozilla’s ‘Thunderbird’ e-mail client: Messaging Menu integration is coming. For the moment users wishing to get Thunderbird messaging menu integration […]

18 August 2010
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GmailWatcher – Another way to get GMail alerts in the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

If Evolution is overkill for your needs than a simple Gmail notification application is ideal. There are plenty of solutions available – in fact we’ve reviewed two such applications previously. Say hello to another, then, […]

7 July 2010
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Add Google Voice alerts to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Users of Google Voice will be thrilled to learn that thanks to the work of Ken Van Dine you can now receive instant notifications of new voicemail, SMS’s and other Google Voice messages directly to […]

10 June 2010
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Add more apps to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Over the last few weeks we’ve blogged about various different applications that slot neatly into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu, giving you an easy way to stay on-top of alerts and notifications. For those that may […]

31 May 2010