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How To Install Nautilus CoverFlow In Ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Although a new name has yet to be decided for Nautilus-Elementary’s CoverFlow view (don’t forget to cast your vote on a new name in our poll) you’re probably itching to try it out, huh?

Install Clutter View in Nautilus
First up you need to grab the clutter dependencies. Download the following four .Deb files and install them.

If you use 32bit Ubuntu Karmic

If you use 64bit Ubuntu Karmic


Now we need to get the latest version of Nautilus-Elementary via the same route: –

  • cd
  • bzr branch lp:nautilus-elementary
  • cd nautilus-elementary
  • sudo aptitude build-dep nautilus
  • ./ –prefix=/usr
  • make && sudo make install

Once that is all done you can restart nautilus (killall nautilus).

Use it!
Open up a folder (any one) and either hit CTRL+4 or enable the coverflow effect via View > Clutter View. If you click on the cover flow itself you can then slide through items using your mouse scroll wheel or left/right keyboard keys.

First of all remember that CoverFlow isn’t included by default for a reason – it’s Alpha! That said if you find you’re having too many stability issues try using Clutter from GIT (Thanks MastroPino): –

  • git clone git://
  • cd clutter
  • ./ –prefix=/usr
  • make
  • sudo make install

What’s in a name?
Awesome! Dont’ forget to help choose a name for this feature by voting in our poll @