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“Where is this icon?” Nautilus script is incredibly nifty

Many of us keep hold of things we don't need all the time but that tend to come in handy every now and again: Sewing thread, spare fuses, half-full batteries, Benjamin Humphrey... The "Where is this icon?" Nautilus script below is just such an item. Once added to your Nautilus scripts folder you need only right click on an application and run the script it to find out the location of the icon in use.

2 December 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 For Lucid gets a PPA, will wow you

Nautilus-Elementary developer — and by developer I mean super hard working superhero developer — ammonkey has just pushed Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 into the Nautilus-Elementary PPA. Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 is phenomenal to look at, to use and to […]

23 April 2010
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Nautilus Thumbnail Improvement Lands in Lucid

A nice surprise to me – and many of you who commented on our earlier report on Nautilus adding a nicer border around thumbnails – is that the latest upstream release of Nautilus in Lucid includes […]

29 March 2010
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Nicer thumbnail borders coming to a Nautilus near you

Everyone knows that it’s the little things that matter and Nautilus has a fair share of things that need addressing in that area. Hylke Bons, on the GNOME mailing list, has offered up his improvement […]

29 March 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary: Where’s it going? To Awesome-ville, that’s where.

Further to our in-depth look at the Future of Nautilus a week back, the Nautilus-Elementary team – who we cited heavily in that previous article – have posted their own plans for the unkempt file-manager. […]

6 March 2010
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The Future Of Nautilus

Nautilus – the default file manager in Ubuntu – has an interface many consider to be awful and overly complex. It has button after button, toolbar after toolbar, menu after menu – and just looks, […]

28 February 2010
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How To Install Nautilus CoverFlow In Ubuntu

Although a new name has yet to be decided for Nautilus-Elementary’s CoverFlow view (don’t forget to cast your vote on a new name in our poll) you’re probably itching to try it out, huh? Install […]

18 February 2010
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Give Nautilus’ Breadcrumbs A Sleek New Look

If you’re using the awesome Nautilus-Elementary you may love this. The following Elementary theme mod replaces the standard ‘breadcrumbs’ in Elementary-Nautilus with a slick ‘all-in-one’ set: – Original on top, Elementary-mod on bottom. Get it […]

5 February 2010
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Zoom Slider Coming to Nautilus Elementary

The gorgeous Nautilus-Elementary (see previous post on how to install it here) seems to be taking some cues from other file-managers. Look what’s found it’s way into the main Nautilus window: – A zoom slider… […]

25 January 2010
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Nautilus Just Got Gorgeous

The Nautilus file-manager included in Ubuntu is… well.. crowded. We already saw some changes developers are taking to tame to the vast areas of wasted space and useless buttons in our over-view of Ubuntu Lucid […]

18 January 2010
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Split-View Nautilus Coming To Gnome-Shell?

Split-panel nautilus tweaks/hacks are incredibly popular but up until now the feature remained a 3rd party enablement. With the upcoming GNOME Shell raising questions as to the purpose Nautilus due to features Nautilus traditionally provided […]

16 December 2009
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Try Thunar – A Sleek Lightweight File Manager

Thunar is a lightweight file manager with a very light memory footprint, a less cluttered layout and pretty much all the features one needs in a file manager! Installing Thunar does not remove Nautilus so […]

2 October 2009