The current default UbuntuOne icon in Karmic Koala is a bright, colourful and cheery icon which is great – expect it doesn’t match the rest of the default panel icons.

This is actually a design choice by the Ubuntu Design team, however if you have Ubuntu One open all the time you may wish to have the icon “match” the rest of the panel icons. Thanks to domore over at, you can!

Install The New Icons

  1. Download the replacement icons @
  2. Extract the folder
  3. Terminal: gksudo /usr/share/ubuntuone-client/icons/
  4. Place the new icons into the ‘status’ folder of the corresponding icon folders (24×24 into 24×24, etc)
  5. Start UbuntuOne and marvel at your grey panel-matching icons!


Want your CPUFREQ applet to match the Karmic Panel Icons too? Check out my post @

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