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Get Dramatically Faster Boot Times In Karmic With Ubuntu-Boot PPA

Karmic has made good progress on the road to the much-vaunted “10 second boot” aim in mind for 10.04. But you can get it even faster if you’re prepared to take the risk! Reader ‘Ellipsis’ […]

31 October 2009
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Re-enable Missing Icons In Ubuntu 9.10

One minor cosmetic change in Gnome 2.28 – which is the basis of Ubuntu Karmic Koala – has resulted in many users being left confused and wondering if there is a rather blatant bug in […]

19 October 2009
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UbuntuOne Icons to Match Karmic Panel Icons

The current default UbuntuOne icon in Karmic Koala is a bright, colourful and cheery icon which is great – expect it doesn’t match the rest of the default panel icons. This is actually a design choice by […]

11 October 2009
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Customize The Gnome Panel Clock To Match Karmic’s New Icons

Karmic may not be released, but this little tweak is too sexy not to mention! It changes the system clock applet to match the rest of the "new" style panel theme. For comparison, here’s the […]

29 September 2009