We’re only a few weeks out from the final release of Ubuntu 20.10 which means, per tradition, we’re due a default wallpaper reveal!

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When the Ubuntu 20.10 beta arrived last week it did so without a new background image. This had some (well, me) worrying that the upcoming release wouldn’t ship with a new wallpaper at all.

But no fear: the Groovy Gorilla is now here.

Ubuntu devs are gearing up to release the Groovy Gorilla to a global audience, having put in a gallant six-months of groundwork so far. But every great Ubuntu release needs a great wallpaper to go alongside it.

So behold — here’s the graphic generated by the design gurus at Canonical and set to grace the desktop of Ubuntu’s gargantuan user base this autumn:

Groovy, baby

Following an energetic entry for ‘Eoan Ermine‘ and a fabulously fun ‘Focal Fossa‘ (lasers?!) comes this genuinely groovy artwork. Visually, the new background slots in well with the mascot wallpapers created since Ubuntu’s switch to GNOME Shell back in 2017.

The chunky sunglasses glasses, much like the Fossa ‘laser eyes’ in the previous release, add some character and personality to the mascot.

And if you look closely you’ll even spot the Ubuntu logo in the shades. This makes it the first Ubuntu wallpaper to include the Ubuntu logo since 2017 (and the Disco Dingo), but only the second wallpaper to include it at all since 2005.

A greyscale version of the main Groovy wallpaper is included too, as are a small set of photography wallpapers users can pick from. Five images are included, all sourced from royalty-free photography resource Unsplash. Design include some coloured pencils, a silver-back gorilla, and a roll of camera film…

Want to download it and use it on your desktop?

Download Ubuntu 20.10 Wallpaper

Let me know what you think of the image below!
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