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Ubuntu 17.04 Will Ship with GNOME 3.24

For first time in a long time, Ubuntu will include the latest GNOME release, GNOME 3.24 which is due for release in March, 2017.

20 February 2017
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Ubuntu 17.04 Alpha 2 Released, Available to Download Now

Ahoy there, it’s (belated) release day for Ubuntu 17.04 Alpha 2!  But don’t get too excited. As is typical of this stage in the Ubuntu development cycle there’s not an awful lot of change clear in […]

27 January 2017
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The 6 Linux Distros We’re Most Excited For in 2017

We list the top Linux distributions to watch in 2017, from Ubuntu-based flavors through to Linux distros created from scratch — these are the ones to watch.

30 December 2016
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Ubuntu 17.04 Swaps Swap Partitions for Swap Files

Do you like, use or see the need for Swap partitions on your Ubuntu system? If not, Ubuntu 17.04 ships one change that’ll be of interest. Canonical’s Dimitri John Ledkov announced today that Ubuntu 17.04 will use Swap files by default on […]

16 December 2016

Devs Plan ‘Ultra Minimal’ Version of Ubuntu Budgie

You know I love a good tease, and the Ubuntu Budgie team have done just that. Ubuntu Budgie tweets that it is testing an “ultra minimal version” of the spin which ‘uses 220MB or less of RAM’. Intriguing. The […]

12 December 2016
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This Is The Release Date for Ubuntu 17.04 ‘Zesty Zapus’

If you've been wondering when Canonical will release the 'Zesty Zapus', wonder no more: the release date for Ubuntu 17.04 is set for April 13, 2017.

29 November 2016

What’s In Store for Unity 8 in Ubuntu 17.04 (And Beyond)

Over the next few release cycles Ubuntu developers plan to refine, hone and add to the Unity 8 desktop. So, what's planned for Unity 8 in Ubuntu 17.04?

16 November 2016
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Ubuntu 17.04 Daily Builds Are Now Available to Download

Zipping to life, live daily images of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus are now available to download. The images arrive almost two weeks after the Ubuntu 16.10 release, more than enough time for you to get bored with […]

26 October 2016

The Ubuntu 17.04 Codename Has Been Announced

Less than a day after we asked you to put your collective minds to the task, Mark Shuttleworth has gone ahead and announced the official codename of Ubuntu 17.04.

17 October 2016