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Xournal++ annotate PDF

Use Xournal++ to Take Handwritten Notes or Annotate PDFs on Linux

Take handwritten notes and annotate PDFs on Linux using Xournal++, a free open-source note taking app with a stack of tools and features.

17 June 2019

eBook Creation Tool In Development for Linux

Calligra - the feature-rich office and producuvity suite - have announced plans for a new eBook creator. 'Calligra Author' - the name of the new app - will 'support a writer in the process of creating an eBook from conception to publication'.

17 August 2012
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DrWright for Ubuntu Schedules Regular Breaks from Working

Whether you're writing an essay or a lengthy response to a troll on reddit, it's important to take regular breaks from typing to help your hands, and keep your mind refreshed and focused. It's a habit easier said that done, so making use of a timer app to remind yourself to take a break can work wonders.

5 July 2012
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Focus Writer Update Adds .Odt Support

Full-screen distraction free writing app 'Focus Writer' has been updated. The application, which sports custom-themes, configurable toolbars and a daily goal tracker amongst its various features, has now gained basic support for the opening and saving of .Odt files (the file format most commonly used by LibreOffice).

19 October 2011
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Scrivener writing app – Install the beta in Ubuntu [.deb]

Until recently, unless you used a Mac, the popular writing application Scrivener was an app that passed most people by. In the last few months things have been changing on that front with the launch of a native Windows beta in October which has finally helped broaden the market for the tool. Better yet this version runs under Wine on Linux - after a bit of cajoling.

29 November 2010
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TextRoom – Distraction free full-screen rich text editor for writers

Open-source rich text editor ‘TextRoom’  is another of ‘minimal, distraction free’ tool designed for writers. Editors of this ilk share one common goal: to get you writing. To do this they shove any potential distractions […]

18 October 2010
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FocusWriter 1.3.0 Released – Distraction free writing on Ubuntu

Check out multi-platform low interface FocusWriter.

24 September 2010