In a turn of events not unlike we’ve seen before, Valve has posted a job listing for a Senior Software Engineer to work on their “highly available digital distribution platform” Steam.

However, unlike past job postings which have mentioned Linux and left some ambiguity as to what exactly Valve might be working on in this area, this posting clearly says the word “games” in one of the responsibilities out of the six listed.

“Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform.”

Could this be a sign that a Steam client and games are on their way to Linux? Perhaps. Valve could be responding to increasing Linux market share, or to the arrival of competitor Desura which recently released a client for Linux. They might simply be hiring a developer to work on their Linux server software.

Maybe it’s another wild goose chase as the Linux community awaits Steam support. Either way, interested developers can apply over at Valve, interested consumers can speculate below in the comments, just don’t get your hopes for official Portal 2 support any time soon.

Thanks to Rodrigo Pinmental via Email

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