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Ubuntu One Music Store Plugin Dropped from Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu's default music player Rhythmbox won't ship with the Ubuntu One Music Store plugin in 13.04. Sounds like a bad move, but it's actually for the best...

18 January 2013
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Integrated Amazon MP3 Store comes to Banshee

Banshee developer Aaron Bockover has announced that even greater Amazon MP3 integration is coming to the Banshee media player. A new extension will embed the Amazon MP3 store directly within Banshee itself. Users will then […]

13 July 2010
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Click & Buy no longer accepted in the UbuntuOne Music Store

The UbuntuOne Music store no longer accepts Click&Buy as a payment method because Ubuntu/Canonical, who, given the Store is in Beta, are still experimenting with functionality “including the offered payment methods” according to a 7Digital […]

19 April 2010
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UbuntuOne music store comes to Banshee

We mentioned previously that the UbuntuOne Music Store was Banshee bound thanks to the hard work of Jo Shields. Now, Ubuntuites, the time of rejoicing is here as you can finally access the UbuntuOne Music […]

10 April 2010
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The UbuntuOne Music Store Now Open

The long-awaited UbuntuOne Music store has finally opened its doors for Ubuntu 10.04 Beta users to try out. The store is "built in" to Rhythmbox meaning you don’t need to install any extra add-ons to […]

22 March 2010
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Is the UbuntuOne Music Store ready yet?

Keep an eye on this and you’ll be first to know:   Article originally appeared on

19 March 2010
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Banshee Getting UbuntuOne Music Store Plug-in

Banshee users worrying that they won’t benefit from the UbuntuOne Music Store coming in Ubuntu 10.04 need no longer worry – work is under-way on a Banshee plugin, aiming to bring the full functionality of […]

11 March 2010
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My, My! What a pretty little icon you have (UbuntuOne Music Store gets a new icon)

Less talking, more gawping: – Article originally appeared on

9 March 2010
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UbuntuOne Music Store – Value for money?

With 7Digital powering the forthcoming UbuntuOne Music Store thoughts will invariably turn to pricing. How much will a track cost? What about an album? Is it cheaper than iTunes? I take a little stroll through […]

3 March 2010
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So That’s What The UbuntuOne Music Store looks like…

Now I’m excited. Article originally appeared on

3 March 2010
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7Digital To Be UbuntuOne Music Store Provider

We deduced (via some flawed logic and some stray pixels) that it would be 7Digital powering the Ubuntu Music Store back in November and it now seems that we weren’t wrong! Blogger Popey posted up […]

19 February 2010
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Ubuntu Music Store Coming In Lucid – Gets Detailed

One feature will on the lips of everyone come Lucid: The Ubuntu Music Store. What Form Will It Take? At UDS09 the basics of how the integration of store and player will take shape were […]

18 November 2009