Banshee developer Aaron Bockover has announced that even greater Amazon MP3 integration is coming to the Banshee media player. A new extension will embed the Amazon MP3 store directly within Banshee itself. Users will then be able to browse, purchase and download music all from one application.

  • Stream previews directly in Banshee without the need for flash
  • Download purchases directly in Banshee – no more external download apps to install.
  • Search the Amazon MP3 store from the Banshee search box.
  • Provide basic web-browser navigation controls: back, forward, refresh, home.

Abock had previously released a small extension that allowed Banshee to handle downloading Amazon mp3 purchases.

Aaron Bockover demonstrates the new Amazon MP3 integration.

The integrated store, made possible by embedding a basic webkit browser within Banshee itself, will be packaged up in the next release: version 1.7.3 and will be made available through the Banshee .git shortly.

This integrated approach to music purchasing can already be seen in Rhythmbox’s UbuntuOne Music Store and via the UbuntuOne Music Store plugin for Banshee but the more choice for users the better. Amazon MP3’s are DRM free and, as we saw when we compared prices for the UbuntuOne Music Stores’ launch, some of the cheapest around.

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