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Turpial 3 Hits PPA, Gives Ubuntu’s Twitter Addicts More Choice

Ubuntu users are now able install the latest stable release of desktop Twitter application Turpial.

12 January 2014

A Nest Full Of Features: Twitter App Turpial Hits 3.0 Stable

A new stable release of popular Linux Twitter app Turpial has been made available.

20 December 2013

Turpial 3 Beta Builds Available for Ubuntu

Desktop Twitter app Turpial 3 is available for testing on Ubuntu – albeit unofficially.

6 December 2013

Twitter App Turpial 3 Coming Soon With Multi-Account, Tweet Filtering

The Desktop Linux Twitter app Turpial is undergoing something of a regeneration for its upcoming 'Version 3' release.

23 November 2013
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New Release of Twitter App Turpial Now Available for Ubuntu Users

The latest stable release of Linux Twitter client Turpial is now available to install in Ubuntu. The python application, which also supports the service, has been updated with a small, but welcome, set of new features and improvements. Read on for what's new in the app, and how to get install it in Ubuntu 10.04 through 12.04.

5 December 2011
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Linux Twitter app ‘Turpial’ adds image uploading, interface tweaks, more

It's been a wee while since we last heard a peep from desktop Twitter application 'Turpial', but a new release with some notable new changes has finally arrived.

3 June 2011
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Turpial 1.4.7 adds identica support, new multi-column options & much more

Y’know, detractors aside, it has been a wee while since I last (t)wittered on about a Twitter app. So what’s new with Turpial, one of my favourite clients that is both light and feature-filled? I […]

26 August 2010
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Turpial in English finally comes to a PPA

If like many you’ve been looking for the perfect lightweight desktop twitter client then you may have come across Turpial. It’s fast, lightweight and has many of the features users look for in a twitter […]

15 May 2010
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Twitter client Turpial gets a PPA

Lightweight (and very popular!) twitter application Turpial has gained a PPA – albeit an unofficial one – thanks to Efrain Valles. Turpial: Like a Linux native Tweetdeck Like other Twitter applications available for Linux Turpial features […]

15 April 2010