Turpial 3 Is Currently In Development (Image Credit: Wil Alvarez)

The desktop Linux Twitter app Turpial is undergoing something of a regeneration for its upcoming ‘Version 3’ release.

The python-based social networking client, first released back in 2010, has proven popular with users over the years. But after Twitter axed access to the API it used earlier in the year, this birds’ song came to an untimely and abrupt end.

Not ready to admit defeat, the developer of Turpial, Wil Alvarez, got to work. Rather than simply patch up the (now) ageing version of Turpial so it could tweet again he sought to reinvigorate the app; make it more than it was.

Now, with a redesigned interface and some powerful new features proffered by a rewrite of the libturpial backend, Turpial 3 is poised to take flight.

Among the new features on offer:

  • Multiple Columns
  • Multi-Account Support
  • Configurable Update Frequency
  • Tweet Queuing
  • Tweet Filter (Hashtag, Phrase or User)

A public beta of Turpial 3 is planned for later this month. We’ll bring you all the necessary information as soon as we have it.

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