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Samsung’s Linux-Based Tizen Phone Proves an Unexpected Success

The unexpected success of its low-end Tizen smartphone will see Samsung launch a second version in the Indian market soon, rumours suggest.

25 February 2015

Samsung Z1: World’s First Tizen Phone Launches in India

The first Ubuntu Phone will launch next month, but it's not the only new mobile upstart trying to bring new experiences to our pockets.

14 January 2015
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With Apple Watch Unveiled, Could an Ubuntu Smartwatch Be Next?

Apple's foray into the wearable computing market is now official — but should Canonical follow suit with an Ubuntu smartwatch of its own?

10 September 2014

Huawei Say Tizen Has ‘No Chance’, No Demand for Windows Phone

Electronics company Huawei has stuck the boot into the Linux-based Tizen OS, claiming that it has 'no chance' of becoming a success.

25 August 2014
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Samsung Z Tizen Smartphone UI, Apps Video Demo

Ubuntu for devices isn't the only Linux-based open-source mobile effort heading to market. Tizen, which is backed and supported by the Linux Foundation, Intel, LG and Samsung, is preparing to launch its first smartphone.

4 June 2014

Samsung Unveils First Tizen Smartphone — Should Ubuntu Be Worried?

The very first Tizen-powered smartphone is to go on sale in Russia later this year.

2 June 2014

Samsung To Preview ‘New Tizen Devices’ Ahead of MWC In February

Samsung is to preview a selection of new Tizen-powered devices later this month, just days before the 2014 Mobile World Congress kicks off.

27 January 2014

Intel Demo GNOME-Powered Tizen OS Ultrabook

Take one come-back kid of an OS, pair them up with Intel, then sit them atop one of the most stable desktop environments known to Linux. What do you get? This.

23 May 2013
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MeeGo Put To Rest; Linux-based Tizen Born

MeeGo - the Intel backed Linux OS that, well, no-one ever really used - has finally been put to rest. Ish.

28 September 2011