Version 0.4 of photo management/editing application Shotwell has been releaseda day after we featured it as one of our 12 best applications of 2009. Nothing like timing!

New Stuff
A short overview of 0.4 sees the Yorba company application gain: –

  • Facebook and Flickr uploading support
  • Authentication done in-app
  • New translations including Polish, Estonian and Swedish (tack!)

In Yorba’s announcement informing of the release they hint at some more integration with web services to come… 

We have big plans on making Shotwell play well on the Web and with other Web services, so stay tuned.

We featured a more comprehensive review of 0.4 in our previous article. A few snippets are pasted below.

Facebook & Flickr Uploading

The next release of Shotwell, due to arrive before the end of the year,
will see Flickr and Facebook ‘publishing’ enter the feature set.

Shotwell 0.4 also comes with its own Photo viewer. This allows users to
edit photos without importing them into the main application itself – a
gripe that F-Spot suffers from.

Editing works the same as in the application itself – presenting really annoying floating palettes containing the tools.

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