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Reddit Admin Flags Potential Unity Scope Privacy Issue

An alleged privacy leak with the Unity Reddit Scope in Ubuntu has been uncovered.

27 April 2014

New Unity Scopes Technology Detailed by Canonical

Canonical has published details of its new Scopes technology, set to be at the core of the converged Ubuntu experience.

24 February 2014

Find Creative Commons Music Easily With The Jamendo Scope for Unity

Looking for some new Creative Commons music? Before you fire up your browser to search the Jamendo website you might want to try out the following new Unity Scope.

25 November 2013

Smart Scopes ‘Not Mature Enough’ to Ship in Ubuntu 13.04

Smart Scopes will not ship as part of the Ubuntu 13.04 desktop as originally planned.

29 March 2013

Reasons Why I Love Unity Previews #735

Prolific Unity Scopes developer David Callé has recently been showing off some interesting new features he's built into Unity Previews. And by 'interesting' I do mean 'downright awesome'.

25 March 2013

Raring’s Smart Scopes Service Arrival Delayed, Coming April 1st

Raring testers expecting to find Ubuntu's new 'Smart Scopes' feature landing on their desktops today (March 25th) will be disappointed - it's arrival has been pushed back to April 1st.

25 March 2013

IMDb, GrooveShark, eBay and More to Be Searchable from Unity in 13.04

Ubuntu wants to be more helpful and more relevant than it is at present - as well as faster.

4 February 2013

Unity to Ship with Smarter Dash Search in 13.04

In an attempt to both broaden the types of data that can be searched from the Dash and increase the relevancy of results, Ubuntu and Canonical are to introduce some major improvements to the Scopes API.

30 January 2013

Make Ubuntu Smarter With The ‘Unity Answers Lens’

What is Ubuntu? Where do Dalek's come from? And can you cook pasta in a microwave? Don't worry this is not a pop quiz, but examples of questions that I have, at various points in my life, turned to Google to get answers for. Now, a new Lens for Ubuntu's Unity desktop makes finding answers to common questions insanely easy. Meet the 'Unity Answers Lens'.

29 November 2012
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Add Movie Review Search to the Ubuntu Dash

Want to know of a movie is worth watching? A new scope for Ubuntu's Unity desktop aims to make finding out super easy.

12 June 2012
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YouTube Lens Adds MiniTube Playback Option

Remember that YouTube Lens for Unity we showed you last week? It's just gotten a little bit better. The Lens lets you browser through YouTube's extensive video library without having to open your browser. When you want to watch a video you just click on the thumbnail and out pops VLC ready to play the video right away.

10 January 2012
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New Flickr/Shotwell Photo Lens Seeks Testers

A new photo-orientated Lens for Unity that lets you browse through your Shotwell library and online Flickr collection is seeking testers. The 'Photo Lens' adds an easy-to-access photo-centric pane to your Unity Dash that's powered by two 'Scopes' (search backends) - one for Ubuntu's default photo app Shotwell, and the other for popular online photo service Flickr.

8 January 2012