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Unity YouTube Lens Updates with Browser Free Video Playback

The latest update to the YouTube Unity Lens adds Flash-free playback of videos in VLC (if it's installed) when clicking on a video result. Dapper.

2 January 2012
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So Long Productivity – YouTube Lens Puts Browser-free Searching of Videos in the Unity Dash

The fantastic folks over at Spanish blog ‘Ataraeo‘ have put together a nifty a lens for browsing YouTube’s library of videos straight from the Dash. The package, a YouTube ‘Scope’ (the search engine bit) and […]

29 December 2011
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Help Test a Pirate Bay Scope & Torrent Lens in Ubuntu

Ever wanted to search The Pirate Bay and grab a .torrent without opening a browser window? Now you can using a combo of 'Unity Scope Piratebay' and the 'Torrent Lens'. Read on for more information and those all important install instructions.

5 December 2011
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Unity Cities Scope Adds Windspeed & Fahrenheit Data to Dash

An update to the 'Unity Cities Scope' has added wind speed and Fahrenheit to its roster of location-based stats. Windspeed is displayed in both 'km/h' (Kilometers per hour) and 'mph' (miles per hour). Temperature is now displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

4 December 2011
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Ubuntu Cities Scope Lets You See Weather, Time, Location Info in the Dash

A new Scope for Ubuntu's Unity Dash allows you to get time, weather and map information for almost any location in the world. By entering a city name into the Dash search field the 'Cities Scope' grabs various data from online services to provide the time and current weather conditions, along with a link to the location on Google Maps.

28 November 2011
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Search Grooveshark Tracks From the Unity Music Lens

A new 'scope' for Ubuntu's Unity Music Lens presents results from online music service 'Grooveshark' amongst your local collection. When searching for an artist, track title or album title via the Unity Music Lens or Dash, the scope displays relevant tracks and albums playable through the Grooveshark music streaming service.

18 November 2011