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This Is The Ubuntu 15.10 Release Schedule

An October launch for such a scary sounding release is fitting, though I can't help but think something a little nearer to Hallowe'en would've been great!

20 May 2015

Ubuntu 15.04 Release Date Set for April 23, 2015

Doing anything special on April 23 next year? You might well be; it's the tentative release date being given for Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet'.

18 November 2014
Ubuntu 14.10 release schedule

Ubuntu 14.10 Release Schedule (Updated)

Grab a pencil and the nearest piece of paper: the expected release date of Ubuntu 14.10 'Utopic Unicorn' is October 16, 2014.

30 April 2014

Ubuntu 13.10 Release Schedule (Updated)

The release date of Ubuntu 13.10, along with its major development milestones, are now up on the Ubuntu Wiki.

3 May 2013
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Ubuntu 12.04 Release Schedule

Ubuntu 12.04 development is now in full swing - but do you know when the first beta is due to drop or when the final polished product is scheduled for release? Grab your filo's - the Ubuntu 12.04 release schedule is, tentatively, as follows: -

5 December 2011
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Lubuntu 11.10 release schedule

The key dates for the development of Lubuntu 11.10 - the official LXDE-based 'Ubuntu' spin - have been published to the Lubuntu mailing list.

26 May 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 release schedule

The tentative release schedule for the Ubuntu 11.10 development cycle has been made available.

19 May 2011
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Ubuntu 10.10 Release Schedule

The release schedule for the next +1 version of Ubuntu – the as-yet unnamed Ubuntu 10.10 ‘M’ – was put up on the Ubuntu Wiki a few days ago. The release dates are as follows: […]

12 March 2010
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Lucid Lynx Release Schedule

The release schedule for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx has been posted to the Ubuntu Wiki. The Lucid development cycle will see only 3 Alpha builds but adds in an extra Beta to the proceedings. Previous […]

25 September 2009