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The key dates for the development of Lubuntu 11.10 – the official LXDE-based ‘Ubuntu’ spin – have been published to the Lubuntu mailing list.

As with the Ubuntu release schedule these dates are subject to change over the coming months. We will reflect any changes in this post.

The dates, which largely stay in sync with the Ubuntu 11.10 schedule, are as follows: –

  • June 2nd Alpha 1

June 14th – End of proposal for applications by default

June 19th – Decision for the modifications of default applications

  • July 7th Alpha 2
  • August 4th Alpha 3

August 11th – Feature Freeze (no more new stuff and new version)

August 17th – End of proposal for artwork

August 21nd – Decision for Artwork

  • September 1st Beta 1

September 15th – Documentation / String Freeze

  • September 22nd Beta 2

September 29th – Final Freeze (only critical changes)

  • October 13th Final release
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