The tentativereleaseschedule for the Ubuntu 11.10 development cycle has been made available.

As with all release schedules the dates listed below are subject to change. If you’re landing on this page in July, August or even October you are advised to refer to see the most up-to-date version.

For folks in the ‘now’ the dates bound for yourdiary’s/calendar apps are: –

  • June 2nd Alpha 1
  • June 30th Alpha 2
  • August 4th Alpha 3
  • September 1st Beta 1
  • September 22nd Beta 2
  • October 13th Ubuntu 11.10

A fanboy note: Oneiric will be the second release of Ubuntu to be made available on the 13th, the last being Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger way back in 2005.

  • Ubuntu 4.10 20th October
  • Ubuntu 5.10 13th October
  • Ubuntu 6.10 26th October
  • Ubuntu 7.10 18th October
  • Ubuntu 8.10 30th October
  • Ubuntu 9.10 29th October
  • Ubuntu 10.10 10th October
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