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Focus Pip Added to Unity Quicklists

Here's an update to file under 'little things that matter': Unity quicklists in 13.04 now relay the state of the focused window.

11 April 2013
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[How To] Use Unity Quicklists in Gnome-Shell

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a very nifty Extension that brings Unity's quicklist functionality to Gnome-Shell's Activity Bar and Dash. And with more and more developers adding quicklist support to their applications this extension ensures that GNOME users don't miss out.

29 May 2012
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Clean Up the Unity Launcher with Category Quick-lists

The Unity launcher is a shelf for managing and launching our favourite applications. But on smaller screens, such as those on netbooks, it's easy for it to become so stacked full of pinned and running apps that things become slightly unmanageable. If you find that that's the case for you then give one of these 'themed' category quick-lists a go. They group popular applications together in a handy right-click quick-list.

5 February 2012
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Nautilus Quicklist Adds Bookmark Support for Precise

Support for accessing bookmarked folders through the Nautilus Quicklist in Ubuntu 12.04 has finally arrived. The feature, one long overdue, lists user's bookmarks - both custom and default - alongside a static entry for opening a new Nautilus window. Which is all very handy.

17 January 2012
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Google+/Picasa Image Uploader For Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher

As the momentum behind Google+ continues to gather pace its users are longing for desktop integration. To help tide us over until Google release some proper Google+ tools for developers to play with reader Tom LeJeune has added 'drag n' drop' Picasa image uploading to the Google+ Unity Quicklist we shared a few days back. If it sounds like something you'd use, here's how...

19 July 2011
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[How to] Add a Google+ Quicklist to the Unity Launcher in Ubuntu

Like a lot of people right now I am loving Google+ – the search giants stab at social networking. Until Google get around to releasing a kick-ass API for Google+ so someone can make a […]

7 July 2011
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[How to] Enable Unity integration for remote desktop app ‘Remmina’

Remote desktop client 'Remmina' doesn't have Ubuntu Unity launcher integration by default, but it's easy enough to add with this script by Daniel S.

28 May 2011