Unity Application quicklists

The Unity launcher is a shelf for managing and launching our favourite applications.

But on smaller screens, such as those on netbooks, it’s easy for it to become so stacked full of pinned and running apps that things become slightly unmanageable.

If you find that that’s the case for you then give one of these ‘themed’ category quick-lists by Joel Horrell a go. They group popular applications together in a handy right-click quick-list.

  • Nautilus (default folders)
  • Web (browser IM client, etc)
  • Media (music and video players, disc burner, etc)
  • Office (various LibreOffice apps)
  • Software Center (Update Manager, Software Sources, etc)


The five quick-lists can be downloaded by hitting the button below.

Download App Quicklists

To ‘install‘ you simply need to drag and drop the one(s) you want from the ‘Quicklists’ folder in the .zip archive on to the Unity Launcher.

To ‘uninstall‘ either unpin the quick-list or delete the folder containing the quick-lists

Because these quick-lists are tailored to Ubuntu’s default applications you may wish to edit them to suit your own tastes.

For example, the media quicklist launches Totem by default but if you have VLC as your default media player chances are you’ll want that to open instead. In this case you would open the ‘Media Apps.desktop’ file in Gedit/Text editor and change the name and ‘exec’ command to that of VLC.

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