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Ubuntu 20.04 Shows Your OEM’s Logo on the Boot Screen

The boot screen experience in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS looks a tiny bit different from the one provided in Ubuntu 19.10 — at least for some people.

19 March 2020
Ubuntu 19.10 features

Ubuntu 19.10 Will Offer a Flicker Free Boot (For Some Users, Anyway)

Ubuntu 19.10 will offer a flicker-free boot experience for users with modern Intel graphics and UEFI systems, thanks to a new version of Plymouth.

16 July 2019
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[How to] Fix the Plymouth boot screen when using proprietary graphics drivers

Using 'proprietary/restricted' drivers for Nvidia and ATI graphics cards often results in a less-than-perfect looking boot screen. Although purely a cosmetic flaw - it doesn't impeded the boot speed or performance - its one that greets you time and time again. Thankfully the script below does, in most cases, 'fix' it.

8 May 2011
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Slick, intelligent Plymouth Boot Splash

Boot screens: generally the land of the bland. But not so anymore.

29 December 2010
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Intelligent boot splash greeter

Elephants and readers with a good memory may remember an 'ambient boot splash' proposal we featured at the end of October.

21 December 2010
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Plymouth manager lets you change boot theme, resolution in Ubuntu

If you’re fortunate enough to have a graphics card capable of displaying Plymouth boot splashes then ‘Plymouth Manager’ may just be of interest. Features include: – Enable/disable Plymouth Set splash resolution Fixing errant errors Choosing/creating […]

20 November 2010
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‘Ubuntu sunrise’ plymouth theme adds awe to boot time

Bored of the relatively plain default plymouth theme that Ubuntu ships with? You can easily sass it up with themes like this one, called 'ubuntu sunrise, by dinin over on Gnome-look.

5 September 2010
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Stunning user-created Plymouth boot Splash

I love it when something stunning (and space-themed, I am biased) comes along to drop my jaw. Say Hola to the following purdy little Plymouth splash screen created by ~internauta2000. It’s an animated, luscious and […]

13 August 2010
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Ubuntu Lucid To Use Plymouth; Non-Intel Users To Lose Out?

A few weeks ago the decision was mooted to switch Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx from USplash to Plymouth. The decision was made in light of the fact that the boot transitions between boot and the […]

1 December 2009