I love it when something stunning (and space-themed, I am biased) comes along to drop my jaw.

Say Hola to the following purdy little Plymouth splash screen created by ~internauta2000. It’s an animated, luscious and all-out Ubuntu-ized affair making it a perfect fit for those seeking some branded-bling for their boot-time experience. 128607-1[3]


Grab the splash @ internauta2000.deviantart.com/Ubuntu-10-10-Plymouth-Splash


Installing and setting new Plymouth boot splashes isn’t recommended for those with a nervous disposition or a sever terminal allergy. If you’re brave enough to continue then you’ll find full instructions inside the .zip file above – in both English and Spanish – ¡Magnífico

Too bad many of us won’t get to see it thanks to Ubuntu booting so darn quickly!

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