OMG  Ubuntu GNOME Shell search

If you’ve ever wanted to search OMG! Ubuntu! directly from the GNOME-Shell Acvitities Overlay then you’re in luck!

Reader Ivan Blagojević has created a ‘search provider’ for OMG! Ubuntu! that lets you search the site without needing to first open a browser.

Although search providers don’t populate the overlay with results directly they nevertheless make searching Google, Wikipedia – and now this very site – faster.

Installing OMG! Ubuntu! Search in GNOME Shell

If you want to add us to your GNOME Shell set up you’ll first want to grab the search provider file by hitting the button below.

Download OMG! Ubuntu! Shell Search

Once downloaded, extract and, as root, move the ‘OMGUbuntu.xml’ file to: 

  • /usr/share/gnome-shell/open-search-providers

Lastly restart Shell (or log out and back in) and you’re good to go!

Download omgubuntu