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Netflix Finally Adds Support for Firefox on Linux

You can finally binge watch your favourite Netflix shows in Firefox for Linux -- zero fuss and no user-agent trickery required.

22 March 2017

Firefox 49 for Linux Will Let You Watch Netflix Without Plugins

Firefox is to begin supporting the Google Widevine CDM on Linux from next month, allowing native, plugin-free playback of encrypted media content like Netflix.

15 August 2016

This Nifty Script Lets You Watch Netflix in Vivaldi Web Browser

Want to watch Netflix in Vivaldi or another Chromium-based web browser on Linux without installing Google Chrome? This script has you covered.

15 July 2016
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Opera Browser Gets First Updates of The Year, Has Linux Fixes Galore

Opera user running Ubuntu? You'll want to update to the latest releases to benefit from a host of bug fixes, including native Linux Netflix support.

15 January 2016

Netflix Now Works On Ubuntu, No Hacks Required

Netflix is now available to watch on Ubuntu out of the box — no hacks, plugins or user-agent switching workaround required.

10 October 2014

Updated NSS Library Rolls Out To Bring Netflix Support on Ubuntu

An updated build of the 'NSS' library required to make HTML5 Netflix playback work natively in Ubuntu is now being rolled out to LTS users.

22 September 2014

Netflix Works with Ubuntu to Bring Native Playback to All (Updated)

We saw last month just how close native Netflix support for Linux is to arriving. Now Netflix wants to go one step further...

19 September 2014

How To Watch Netflix on Ubuntu The Easy Way

Native Netflix Linux playback is reported to be working in beta builds of Google Chrome — no Wine-based app or PPA required.

10 August 2014

[How To] Watch LOVEFiLM, Redbox Instant or Netflix on Ubuntu

Getting Netflix, LOVEFiLM or Redbox Instant to play on Ubuntu should be easy, right?

29 January 2013

[How To] Watch Netflix on Ubuntu

Netflix is up and running on Ubuntu - albeit unofficially, and via the familiar crutch of WINE. Developer Erich Hoover, and Ubuntu blogger 'iheartubuntu' have worked together to bring the worlds most popular movie streaming service to the Linux desktop.

18 November 2012
No Netflix on Ubuntu

Netflix: ‘No Change in our plans for Linux’

Movie streaming company Netflix have once again reiterated that have no plans to support Linux anytime soon. The news won't surprise many: the company announced that Linxu support won't be happening earlier this year.

17 September 2012
No Netflix on Ubuntu

Netflix: No plans to Support Linux

Back in July of last year after wrapping up at OSCON I shared a bit of information that brought some hope to the Linux community. While at the event I got a chance to speak with two engineers from Netflix […]

11 February 2012