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System 76 Ubuntu Touchscreen Laptop Now Available to Pre-Order

Say hello to the Darter Ultra thin - a 14-inch touchscreen laptop from Linux PC sellers System 76.

15 October 2013
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Multi-touch app ‘Touchégg’ hits version 0.2, adds more gestures, actions & GUI

The latest version of 'Touchégg' - the multi-touch gesture creator for Linux - has added in further gesture and action support along with a nifty GUI gesture manager.

14 March 2011
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Multi-touch in Ubuntu using a webcam and your hands [Video]

Scoffing at the headline? Sure, it doesn’t sound entirely believable but, in a stroke of awesome-osity, it is. Developers at the Interactive Computing Lab of ENAC have created just that: the ability to use multi-touch […]

25 January 2011
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Touchégg lets you assign actions to multi-touch gestures in Linux

Want a three-finger pinch on your multi-touch trackpad to minimize all windows? Dream of  a five-finger tap emulating your mouse scroll-wheel? Hyperbole aside, you got it with Touchégg. Touchégg Touchégg is  a “multitouch gesture recognizer” […]

24 January 2011
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Multi-touch madness: Ubuntu table PC [Video]

CES 2011 saw a veritable armoury of Ubuntu powered devices all ready to make a serious impact amongst competitors. None, however, impressed me as much as this Table PC demo running Ubuntu as its core […]

9 January 2011
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Leaked images of mysterious Ubuntu powered tablet

Giz-China has revealed some images of an Ubuntu powered multitouch tablet by an unknown manufacturer showing off the Unity interface.

25 December 2010
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Which game should get multitouch support first?

The Ubuntu Multitouch Development team has called for feedback on which games must be focused to add multitouch capabilities in this cycle. Here is your chance to vote for your favourite game.

25 November 2010
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Short video shows off uTouch on Ubuntu Unity

Canonical's Gerry Carr has posted a neat video demonstration of Ubuntu 10.10's new multi-touch features in action with the Ubuntu Unity interface.

14 October 2010
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Apple Magic Trackpad drivers land in Ubuntu 10.10 – even supports 10 finger touch!

Owners of Apple’s new ‘Magic Trackpad’ device will be pleased to hear that Ubuntu 10.10 has gained support for the device, thanks to the work of Canonicals’ Chase Douglas. Douglas’ work on adding Magic Trackpad […]

14 September 2010
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Help test Ubuntu 10.10 multi-touch

Are you a lucky soul in possession of a touchscreen toting laptop, netbook or desktop or even one of those new fangled multi-touch mouse or magictrack-pad? Either way you can help hone Ubuntu’s new multi-touch support simply […]

30 August 2010
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Ginn – Forcing non-multitouch-aware applications to support multitouch in Ubuntu

With the release of Canonical’s uTouch framework providing Multi-touch support in Ubuntu 10.10 many of us have been wondering how everyday applications, those not designed for multi-touch per se but rather clicks and keyboard presses, […]

19 August 2010
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Multi-touch comes to Ubuntu 10.10

Canonical have just announced the release of uTouch 1.0 – a new multi-touch and gesture ‘stack’ to ship with Ubuntu 10.10 From the official press release: – “Our multi-touch team has worked closely with the […]

16 August 2010