Want a three-finger pinch on your multi-touch trackpad to minimize all windows? Dream of  a five-finger tap emulating your mouse scroll-wheel?

Hyperbole aside, you got it with Touchégg.


Touchégg is  a “multitouch gesture recognizer” for Linux,  written in C++ , with Qt and utilizing Ubuntu’s uTouch-geis library. It allows users to define what actions are initiated when a multi-touch gesture is made.

Providing the desired gesture is recognised by Touchégg you can assign  one of a number of window-related actions to it, including maximize or minimize windows, resize apps, show the desktop, etc.

Setting the ‘actions’ you want is currently achieved through the manual editing of a small configuration file. This isn’t as scary as it sounds; the video below tries admirably to demonstrate how it all works.


Touchégg is available to download from the project homepage @ code.google.com/p/touchegg/

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