Scoffing at the headline? Sure, it doesn’t sound entirely believable but, in a stroke of awesome-osity, it is.

Developers at the Interactive Computing Lab of ENAC have created just that: the ability to use multi-touch applications in Ubuntu with nothing more than a webcam and a flat surface(- no costly Apple trackpad needed!

So how it work? I’ll let the guys from ENAC explain: –

“The tuiototouch bridge converts multitouch events emitted by the vision software on TUIO and injects it in the kernel, simulating a standard multitouch panel. Ubuntu Unity or your favourite multitouch-compatible software does the rest.”

You can find more details on the project (including what you need to run it yourself) @ but, for now, feast your eyes on the application in all its almost-minority report action….

José via tips

Video awesome multitouch