The latest version of  ‘Touchégg’ – the multi-touch gesture creator for Linux – has added in further gesture and action support along with a nifty GUI gesture manager.

“Want a three-finger pinch on your multi-touch trackpad to minimize all windows? …you got it with Touchégg.”

New features

So what’s new? Quick run-down ahoy: –

New gestures are supported. These include ‘TAP – With 5 fingers’ and ‘TAP & HOLD – With 2, 3, 4 and 5 fingers.’

More actions for gestures to trigger have been baked in, including: –


Unlike the previous version gestures and actions can now be managed using a GUI (rather than manually editing  a configuration file). To easily access both the app and its manager menu entries are now provided.

You can see many of the Touchégg’s new features demoed in this official video. Eyes down: –


Touchégg can be downloaded in .DEB format for Ubuntu 10.10 from the official site, or, for the lazy, by clicking on the links below: –

Apps Download Video
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