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Why Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Is Ditching VLC for GNOME MPV

GNOME MPV will replace VLC as the default media player in Ubuntu MATE 19.10, due for release in October. We look at the reasons for the swap.

6 June 2019
gnome mpv screenshot

‘Celluloid’ is the new name of GNOME MPV

GNOME MPV — a GTK UI for my favourite Linux video player tool — has been given a brand new name. The versatile open-source video app is switching away from the ‘GNOME MPV’ moniker to ‘Celluloid’. Why? […]

13 January 2019
linux release roundup thumbnail

Linux Release Roundup: Firefox, Nextcloud, Nano + More

The Linux landscape exists in a state of constant flux, with new distro releases, kernels, apps and other updates appearing all the time. In our Linux Release Roundup series we collate the latest app, software and […]

10 September 2018

MPV, the Command Line Video Player, May Add a GUI

Command line video player MPV may soon have an official GUI.  Vincent Lang, the lead developer of the MPV media player project, has suggested the tool adopts one of the community-made MPV GUI front-ends available. The reason? To […]

11 February 2018

MPV 0.27 Released with Minor Fixes, New OpenGL Options

An updated version of MPV, the popular open-source media player, is available to download.

13 September 2017
vidcutter 3.0

VidCutter 3.0 Released with New Features, MPV Backend

VidCutter, the open-source video trimmer app we mentioned back in January, is back with a new release — and it’s a big one. The cross-platform Qt5 app lets you quickly and easily trim, split and join video […]

5 March 2017
gnome mpv screenshot

GNOME MPV is a Sleek GTK+ Frontend for mpv

I recently blogged about my love affair (of sorts) with mpv, the nimble, open-source media player based on mplayer. Stock mpv is, for those used to all-singing and all-dancing video players, a little… austere. GNOME MPV is […]

9 February 2017
mpv video player

Why I Swapped VLC for MPV

I've changed channel and tuned in to a different video player: mpv. The fork of a fork of player is a surprisingly nimble alternative to VLC.

9 February 2017