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Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Phone Features 10-Core Processor, Costs €399

Following rumours earlier in the week we now have firm proof that the next Ubuntu phone is the Meizu MX6.

30 June 2016

Do These Photos Show a New Ubuntu Phone? (Updated)

We've been passed a photo that purports to show the 'mystery' new Ubuntu Phone we reported on yesterday.

27 June 2016

A New Ubuntu Phone Is In Development

Midori is the name of a nimble WebKit-based web browser — but might it also be the codename for a new Ubuntu Phone?

26 June 2016
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Minor Updates Land in Latest Release of Midori Web Browser

A new release of lightweight webkit browser Midori is now available to download.

9 March 2012
midori gtk3 dark

Midori Gets Faster Startup, GTK3 Improvements in Lastest Release

A new release of lightweight webkit web browser Midori is available for download. See what's new and learn how to upgrade by clicking on the 'read more' button below...

18 December 2011
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Midori Update Brings Revamped Speed Dial, Bug Fixes

A new release of lightweight webkit web-browser Midori is now available with improvements made to the applications' stability, looks and performance.

11 November 2011
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Web-browser Midori Adds Unity Support and Neat ‘Next Page’ Feature,

Unity support is one of several changes making up the latest release of lightweight web browser Midori. Screenshots and installation information are tucked inside.

4 August 2011
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Midori 0.3.6 brings welcome fixes, small speed bump

Lightweight webkit web browser Midori got a minor version bump yesterday - but what's new and what's improved?

18 May 2011
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Web browser Midori ditches menu bar by default

The latest development release of Midori follows the recent trend of web browsers downsizing their menu cruft in favour of 'Google Chrome' style single-button menus.

22 February 2011
Midori adds Unity quicklists

Midori 0.3.0 released, adds new default search engine

The latest version of lightweight webkit browser Midori has been released. Alongside bug fixes and stability improvements version 0.3.0 sees set as the default search engine.

31 January 2011
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Midori 0.2.9 released with private browsing, Google reader fix & more

A new version of lightweight webkit-based web-browser Midori has been released, adding support for private browsing, privacy improvements and fixes galore.

1 November 2010
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Midori 0.2.8 Released

Today sees a new release of the lightweight webkit browser 'Midori'. What's new? Let's take a gander...

20 September 2010