A new release of lightweight webkit web-browser Midori is now available with improvements made to the applications’ stability, looks and performance.

New Features

‘Secure’ sites are now marked by a gren URL bar

Midori’s “Speed dial” has been buffed up. Tiles automatically resize based on the size of the window and ‘close’ buttons that let you remove thumbnails show on hover.

Midori's New Speed dial

A menu entry for creating a ‘desktop launcher’ from a website has been added to the menu: –

Midori web app feature

Also featuring are fixes for Midori’s ‘bookmark dialog’ crash, and more comprehensive CSS/Userstyle support.

A full change-log of what’s new and improved in Midori 0.4.2 can be found here.

Install Midori 0.4.2

Midori 0.4.2 can be downloaded as source from the Midori website.

Alternatively, Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 users can install it from the Midori Dev PPA.

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