Unity support is one of several changes making up the latest release of lightweight web browser Midori.

Midori 0.4.0 in Ubuntu 11.04

Midori 0.4.0: Notable Changes

We’ll begin this run down with the one part of Midori you probably see more than you care to: the crash dialog.

In Midori 0.4.0 this hasreceiveda birrovaoverhaul, with nicely placed options for ‘discarding, loading or delaying’ your last open tabs placed along the bottom.

Midori's revamped crash dialog

Navigating to ‘the next page’ on Google search (not that anyone goes past page 1 ;)), Forums and other sites with a ‘next’ link is a breeze in this update: just hit the space bar. Alternatively you’re free to press the ‘Forward’ button now present in the taskbar.

Head on to the next page in Midori

Unity users will welcome the addition of Quicklist items for opening a new tab, a new window or switching to private browsing.

Midori adds Unity quicklists

If privacy is a concern you’ll now find a ‘Last open tabs’ item in the Clear Private Data dialog.

new cleaning options


One feature bound to annoy Ubuntu 11.04 users is the lack of Indicator-AppMenu support for the ‘standard menu bar’: –

no application menu love

Installing Midori 0.4.0 in Ubuntu 10.04 through 11.04

Midori is available to install in Ubuntu 10.04 through 11.04 Natty Narwhal via the official Midori PPA. In order to use this PPA you also have to add the webkit team PPA.

Both can be added in Ubuntu by running the following command via a Terminal: –

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:midori/ppa && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webkit-team/ppa

Or by adding ‘ppa:midori/ppa’ and ‘ppa:webkit-team/ppa’ to your Software Sources separately.

Once both PPAs have been added you simply need to run an update/refresh before installing Midori. We’ve made this last part easy: just hit the shiny button we’ve placed below: –

Click to install Midori


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