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gnome keyboard design

GNOME 3.20 Improves Wireless Function Keys, Audio Jack Detection

Polish to the UX of wireless connections and sound devices is coming

10 January 2016
blue yeti microphone ubuntu

Use Sound Switcher to Quickly Switch Audio Inputs/Outputs in Ubuntu

Sound Switcher lets you switch between audio input and output devices straight from the system tray - no need for Ubuntu System Settings.

16 February 2014
blue yeti microphone ubuntu

[How To] Turn Headphone Jack to a Microphone Jack in Ubuntu

Several years back developer David Henningsson created a small app that ttys to turns a regular ol' laptop headphone jack into a microphone input jack - and in this post we show you how to use it.

2 December 2013
Blue Mic in Ubuntu

[How To] Set Up Blue Yeti Mic in Ubuntu

Amongst the items I asked Santa Claus for this year was a new microphone so I can improve the quality of voice-overs in our YouTube videos. The famous white-bearded one (no, not Gandalf!) kindly obliged, […]

27 December 2011