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clapper video player on ubuntu 22.04

Clapper GTK Video App Bags Performance Boost in Latest Update

We look at the latest improvements to Clapper, a slick GTK4/libadwaita media player designed for GNOME desktops and has experimental Pipewire support.

24 June 2022

Clapper is My New Go-To Linux Video Player

Clapper is an interesting new media player app for GNOME desktops built in GJS and GTK 4. In this post we look at Clapper's features and drool over its UI.

17 July 2021
the kodi media center

Kodi 18 Released with Major New Features: Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

We show you how to install Kodi on Ubuntu and Linux Mint. The latest update to Kodi media center features major improvements and brings new features.

30 January 2019
parole xfce media player

Xfce’s Parole Media Player Gets First Update In Over a Year

Xfce's Parole media player has just seen its first major update in over a year.

12 February 2017
gnome mpv screenshot

GNOME MPV is a Sleek GTK+ Frontend for mpv

I recently blogged about my love affair (of sorts) with mpv, the nimble, open-source media player based on mplayer. Stock mpv is, for those used to all-singing and all-dancing video players, a little… austere. GNOME MPV is […]

9 February 2017

VLC 2.2 Released, Here’s How To Install It in Ubuntu

The go-to media player of millions, VLC 2.2 'Weathermax' was released this weekend and brings some nifty new features to the desktop.

2 March 2015
Audience elementary app launcher

Hands on With Stylish New Media Player ‘Audience’

Can you think of a stylish video playing app? Many are anything but, and that's okay because a video player is a functional app; it doesn't need to look overly fancy. Most of its time is spent in full-screen, showing us we want: the video. But that notion is being challenged by Audience - an up-and-coming (read: in development) video player that brings both simplicity and good looks to the table.

5 July 2012
Placeholder koala image

Spotify on Linux Works for Free Accounts, Offers 15 Million Tracks

Chances are you've heard of music streaming service Spotify. With 15 million tracks available to listen to whenever you want including on Linux desktops.

9 December 2011
Placeholder koala image

Minor Tomahawk Update Ready for Ubuntu Users

The most recent bug fix update to open-source multi-source music player Tomahawk is now available for Ubuntu users, coming just shy of a week after it was released for OS X and Windows.

29 November 2011
Placeholder koala image

MusicTube Desktop App Uses YouTube As A Music Library

The creator of flash-free desktop YouTube application 'Minutube' and stylish music player 'MiniTunes' has announced the release of a new application: MusicTube. Musictube is a mish-mash of the developers former two applications, and is designed to let you find, arrange and listen to whatever music you like - as long as it's on YouTube. The idea is similar to on-demand music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora: you search for an artist or a track and, if it's there, you can play it.

4 October 2011
Placeholder koala image

Tomahawk update lets you play tracks from friends libraries, more

The latest update to cross-platform media player 'Tomahawk' slipped out for Ubuntu without much in the way of fanfare. But from the improvements and new features that came with it fanfare was wholly deserved...

9 June 2011

UMPlayer Media Player – One Of Open-Source’s Best kept Secrets

UMPlayer is one of open-sources best kept secrets. In this post we take a look at the media player, plus provide easy instructions on how to install it.

1 June 2011