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Getting the Most from Marlin File Browser; Plus See What’s New

Marlin is a sleek, fast and sexy Nautilus alternative. Just over a week ago we told you How to Install Marlin File Browser in Ubuntu 11.10. Since then Marlin has been updated with a handful of additional changes - some which might tempt the more reluctant into giving it a try.

8 December 2011
marlin file browser in Ubuntu 11.10

[How to] Install ‘Marlin’ File Browser in Ubuntu 11.10

Bored of Nautilus? Tired of Thunar? Desperate to ditch Dolphin? Maybe it's time to try a new file browser? Marlin is a lightweight file browser built from the ground-up to be responsive, simply designed and easy to use - and here's how to install it in Ubuntu 11.10

27 November 2011
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The Emerging Elementary Experience: Plank, Slingshot, Wingpanel

Today saw news of 'Slingshot' - a new application launcher project headed up by the elementary team - leak in to the wild. But just what is it and what does it form part of? Something rather special, it turns out.

2 February 2011
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Nautilus-Elementary is dead, long live ‘Marlin’

The honeymoon is over folks: Nautilus-elementary is no longer being actively developed. The elementary team are instead turning their attention towards creating a file browser that does everything they want it to, and it's called Marlin.

8 November 2010