Marlin is a sleek, fast and sexy Nautilus alternative.

Just over a week ago we told you How to Install ‘Marlin’ File Browser in Ubuntu 11.10. Since then Marlin has been updated with a handful of additional changes – some which might tempt the more reluctant into giving it a try.

Changes include:

  • Marlin now has ability to compress files
  • Marlin doesn’t depend on contractor anymore, but on extended-actions
  • Open Terminal extension now works

Compress has been long awaited function and now when implemented you can compress file easily via the right click dropdown menu:

After clicking on Compress you will see the good old dialog for compressing folders:

The replacement of contractor with extended-actions adds some positives:

  • There is no need to download and install extra software to make Marlin do basic functions
  • The extensions comes enabled out of the box, so no need to enable it manually

The Open Terminal extension is useful so it’s good to see it (finally) working:

Extra features

Aside from the changes mentioned above there are several other Marlin features that you may or may not know about:
  • Modal dialogs for properties windows
  • Ability to use file previewer
  • Ability to rearrange items on the toolbar

Modal dialogs for properties windows are Gnome-Shell specific and can be enabled via Preferences -> Behaviour:

After enabled they your properties windows will look like this:

File previewers are nifty apps that allow you to preview files without opening them. The most well known of which is Gloobus Preview. (32bit .deb | 64bit .deb)

If you want to use a file-previewer in Marlin you will have to open dconf-editor and navigate to apps -> marlin -> preferences and set previewer-path to /usr/bin/gloobus-preview (or /usr/bin/sushi if you prefer to use it):

Then, to use it, just select a file or folder and press the space key:

While I personally found Marlin’s arrangement of toolbar items perfect you can easily tailor the toolbar items to suit your tastes by right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing ‘Customize Toolbar’.

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