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Ubuntu Founder Explains Why Distro Won’t Support Flatpak

Ubuntu's founder pours cold water on the question of Ubuntu desktop supporting Flatpak, the fast-growing and popular open source packaging format.

22 April 2022

Mark Shuttleworth Thinks IBM Buying Red Hat is Good News for Ubuntu

Wondering what Mark Shuttleworth thinks about IBM buying Red Hat? Well, wonder no more. The Ubuntu founder has shared his thoughts on IBM’s game-changing purchase in a short but pointed blog post. And, few of you will […]

31 October 2018
mark shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth Says Canonical WON’T Go Public This Year

Mark Shuttleworth says his company will IPO at the 'right time'

29 May 2018
unity desktop

Why Did Ubuntu Drop Unity? Mark Shuttleworth Explains

Mark Shuttleworth shares more details on why Ubuntu chose to drop Unity, a decision that took the Linux community by surprise back in April 2017.

24 October 2017
mark shuttleworth bbc business live interview

Mark Shuttleworth Interviewed on BBC News

It’s not everyday that you get to tune in to mainstream TV news and see Mark Shuttleworth on screen, chatting about life aboard the International Space Station. It certainly added a bit of pep to […]

7 September 2017
mark shuttle worth thecube interview

Mark Shuttleworth Says Ubuntu Desktop “Remains Really Important”

Mark Shuttleworth has reiterated that the Ubuntu desktop "remains really important" to Canonical in an interview with The Cube at the OpenStack Summit 2017.

8 May 2017

What’s Next for Ubuntu Desktop? Mark Shuttleworth Shares His Plans

Mark Shuttleworth has revealed more about what's next for the Ubuntu desktop following last week's dramatic news that the next LTS release will use GNOME.

9 April 2017

5 Questions We’re All Asking About the Future of Ubuntu

News that Ubuntu is to drop Unity and switch back to GNOME has been greeted by users with a mixture of confusion and surprise. It is, without doubt, big news. Probably the single biggest bit of Ubuntu news since January […]

5 April 2017

Mark Shuttleworth Talks Ubuntu Watches, Unity 8 and The Future of Free Software

The man, the myth, and the space-faring market-disrupting legend, but also a very busy man. Yet, in the weeks following each new release of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth manages to find some time to talk to the community and answer […]

5 May 2016
The Ubuntu Phone

Big Smartphone Brands ‘Looking Seriously’ at Ubuntu, Says Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth stoked the flames of expectation for Ubuntu on Phones last year with a single, simple phrase.

19 March 2014

6 Interesting Things We’ve Learned About Ubuntu for Phones

When Ubuntu founder and space tourist Mark Shuttleworth speaks, people tend to listen — more so since he and his company Canonical announced they were planning to enter the manic mobile market place with Ubuntu for Phones.

20 February 2014
The Ubuntu Phone

Two Ubuntu Phones Coming This Year, Here’s Who’s Making Them

Two manufacturers, China based Meizu and Spanish OEM BQ Readers, are both set to release Ubuntu-powered handsets at some point 'within 2014'.

19 February 2014