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Like Lubuntu? Help Pick Wallpapers for its Next Release

Lubuntu fans are being invited to vote for the wallpapers that will ship in the next edition of the light-weight Ubuntu spin. The five most popular wallpapers from the voting pool will be featured in the upcoming version of Lubuntu - 12.10 - due for release later this year.

2 August 2012
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Lubuntu Adding a New Icon Theme Called ‘Box’

Lubuntu is about to get a brand new icon theme — and about time, too!  Little is known about the set, called ‘Lubuntu box’, so far, however the Lubuntu team have said that it will […]

16 April 2012
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Grab The Lubuntu 12.04 Countdown Widget

We have a lot of ‘L’ (Love) for the other ‘L’ in the Ubuntu family (Lubuntu) here on OMG! Ubuntu!. And its forthcoming 12.04 release is shaping up to be the best yet, boasting a […]

28 March 2012
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Lubuntu 12.04 Default Wallpaper Revealed

The default artwork for Lubuntu 12.04 is one step nearer to being ready as its default wallpaper and system theme get updated.

29 January 2012
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Lubuntu News Round-Up

Lubuntu are switching back to the elementary-esque 'Ozone' theme for their 12.04 release. The switchback means there's lot of work to be down on the theme to get it ready in time, including switching it over to GTK3. But progress is coming along nicely - so much so that it's now available to test.

22 January 2012
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Lubuntu 12.04 News Roundup

The hands behind everyone’s favourite lightweight Linux distro ‘Lubuntu’ are hard at work crafting the next major release. Lubuntu 12.04 won’t have LTS (Long Term Support) status like its siblings Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edbuntu […]

15 January 2012

Lubuntu Wish Users Happy New Year With New Default Wallpaper

The default wallpaper of Lubuntu 12.04, the next major release of the lightweight Ubuntu-based OS currently in development, has received a new year revamp. After upgrading the 'lubuntu artwork' package users will find their default desktop drape changed to cool blue wallpaper with the greeting 'the lubuntu team wishes you a happy new year 2012' sat amongst a cloud of Lubuntu developers names.

2 January 2012
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Ubuntu Running on the Nook Tablet

If you find yourself gifted with a Nook Tablet this Xmas you may soon be able to run Ubuntu on it. XDA developer loglud has been hard at work getting Ubuntu (with the lightweight LXDE […]

21 December 2011
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Lubuntu Software Centre Icon Gets A Makeover

I love the lightweight Lubuntu Software Centre, but until now its icon has been... lacking. But no more: there's a new design coming...

13 November 2011

Five Handy Lubuntu Tips

Lubuntu is Ubuntu's latest sibling and is fast becoming the leading lightweight Linux distribution for users. Whether you're a Lubuntu user yourself, or you know someone who is, you'll find a handful of user-friendly tips to make using Lubuntu even better tucked up inside.

11 November 2011
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The Winning Lubuntu 11.10 Community Wallpapers

You helped choose them, and now Lubuntu 11.10 has them.

14 September 2011
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Progress Continues On ‘Lubuntu Software Center’; Here’s How To Install It

Work on creating a 'Software Centre' for lightweight Ubuntu-spin 'Lubuntu' is coming together nicely. Jump on in for pictures, further information and instructions on how to test it out.

9 September 2011