The hands behind everyone’s favourite lightweight Linux distro ‘Lubuntu’ are hard at work crafting the next major release.

Lubuntu 12.04 won’t have LTS (Long Term Support) status like its siblings Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edbuntu but that doesn’t mean attention isn’t firmly squared on making it the best release yet.

Amongst the more notable development-related news items from Lubuntu land this week are: –

Support for installing Lubuntu using WUBI (Windows UBuntu Installer) will be landing in 12.04. As derided as WUBI is by some users it’s an important tool that grants cautious windows users the ability to install Linux without the need to worry about wiping their hard-drives clean of data. Seeing Lubuntu added to the list of supported spins is a fantastic move.

The Lubuntu Software Centre has been added to the Ubuntu repositories. Lubuntu users will be able to install it in 12.04 through Synaptic.

The much-liked default theme from Lubuntu 11.04 is being ported to GTK3.

Lubuntu user Jpxsat has suggested a number of small ‘papercut’ like tweaks be made to Lubuntu to ‘improve the user experience’. His ideas include ensuring that Chromium uses the GTK theme by default and pre-enabling desktop notifications for Lubuntu’s music player Audacious.

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