The default artwork for Lubuntu 12.04 is one step nearer to being ready as its default wallpaper and system theme get updated.

Also making its debut is the new Lubuntu 12.04 default wallpaper. Once again the drap is blue – something Lubuntu devs cite as a ‘Canonical restriction’ – with swirly gradated blue shapes providing the focus.

New Lubuntu 12.04 Wallpaper

If the default Lubuntu 12.04 theme (see below)e or wallpaper aren’t to your tastes then you’ll be pleased to hear that a new ‘Lubuntu artwork package‘ containing extra Lubuntu themes and additional wallpapers from Flickr will be available to install.

The default theme for Lubuntu 12.04, Ozone3, is said to now be near to its ‘final version’. As you can see from the screen capture below it’s looking pretty damn nice.

Lubuntu 12.04 Ozone 3

Mor information on the artwork updates, as well as download links, can be found @

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