We have a lot of ‘L’ (Love) for the other ‘L’ in the Ubuntu family (Lubuntu) here on OMG! Ubuntu!.

And its forthcoming 12.04 release is shaping up to be the best yet, boasting a refreshed theme, WUBI installation support, and a shiny new Software Center amongst a massive amount of ‘under-the-hood’ work.

To help spread the word and drum up some excitement for the release the Lubuntu team have whipped up this neat Lubuntu 12.04 countdown banner for embedding into websites, blogs, etc.

Lubuntu Countdown Banner

The html-widget is based on original work by Corbin Davenport, with Lubuntu specific theming provided by artist.

Hit the box below to reveal the embed code so you can stick it on your own site.

Download Lubuntu precise